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Mother, Postpartum Doula, IBCLC Lactation Consultant and RN

My name is Maria Masvidal, I am certified Postpartum Doula, Breastfeeding Educator and IBCLC Certified Lactation Consultant.  

I am also a certified nurse in Spain since 1993.

I have  worked for many years in  gynecology and obstetrics services in one of the main hospitals in Barcelona, Spain. I am married to Albert, who has always given me support in this passion. We are parents of young adults: two girls and a boy.

We have been living in the US since 2013 where

I have been offering at-home postpartum services since 2016. 


"I was lucky enough to have Maria as my postpartum doula. She worked with my family for almost two months, and I wanted to keep her forever. She taught me newborn first aid, how to take care of a newborn baby, cooked for me, and she was the reason I overcame postpartum depression.

Maria became like a mother to me, she helped me with lighthouse chores, cooked delicious healthy meals, and taught me how to take care of my newborn. She has years of experience as a nurse so, she knew exactly what was normal newborn behavior and what wasn't. 

Everything I needed to know about lactation, I asked her. I was successful on my lactation journey because I had her by my side in those first months. 

She also helped me overcome postpartum depression. My husband deployed right after my son was born, and Maria helped me feel supported during that period. 

I can honestly say that I could not have done it without her. "

Laura Reith - 10/19/2021

"Maria was a very good help for me. She listened with empathy about my needs and goals and gave me good referrals to get help from other specialists. It is worthy to get the help that you really need, Maria is that help! "


Ada Lastiri - 8/27/2021

"Maria is an amazing postpartum doula. She truly cares for the baby, mom and the whole family. Her multi decade experience as a nurse is a huge plus. She was a life saver for us during the pandemic with no other help. She cared for the mom as much as the baby, providing physical and emotional support. She cooked wonderful tasty meals and accommodated or dietary requests. She said it best during our first meeting that she is a professional grandma... She is both a great professional doula and a truly loving grand ma."


Leela's parents - 7/5/2021


"Maria was my postpartum doula this winter in the month after my first child was born. It was important to my husband and me that we seek help since our families live across the country and couldn't travel due to COVID. Maria provided this support seamlessly - she was flexible, able to tailor her support to our evolving needs and as we got to know our son. She has a nurturing, warm and relaxed personality which is very appreciated in those first few chaotic sleepless weeks. I also was drawn to her expertise in breastfeeding, as I had heard that could be a source of stress. She was really helpful in building my confidence, showing me tricks to get comfortable, and helping me keep perspective on the fact that breastfeeding is a learned skill - for both mother and baby. Almost 3 months later and my son nurses great - never had much discomfort and I think it's because we invested time at the beginning to have a strong start. I'd definitely recommend Maria to be that extended family support - her willingness to do whatever she could to be helpful (cooking, light cleaning, errands, dog walking) in addition to her expertise were so valuable to us."

Ingrid - 5/17/2021

"Maria helped us for 2 months after I gave birth to my twins during the Covid-19 pandemic and none from our families could come and help us.

She was so helpful and understanding, and made me feel secure and safe as if my own mother was there.

She prepared a lot of reading material and did a check list with us before giving birth, so that we would be prepared as best as possible. 

After giving birth, she was there to give to me and to my husband some time to rest and recharge. But most importantly, she was the most gentle and sweet person to our little twins, she made them feel calm and she was the most patient and sweet guardian for them.

Maria you will always be part of our family!"

Marina Nastopoulou - 1/13/2021

"Maria is very caring. She is also patient, kind, responsible and extremely organized.

We worked with Maria as a postpartum doula for the first 25 hours in the hospital, after our third child' was born. She was around when the baby and I needed care the most, and suggested best lactation techniques.

Maria was trained as nurse in Spain, and understands challenges a family welcoming their child may face. I felt confident the entire time Maria was supporting myself and the baby, and highly recommend her as a postpartum doula."

Alexandra Zakharova - 10/15/2020


"I feel very lucky that Maria was my postpartum Doula. As a professional, she is an excellent Doula who always patiently listened to all the doubts and concerns that I had as new mom. She guided me and provided the appropriate information for each situation, especially with the breastfeeding topic in which she has a lot of experience. As a human being, she is a great person that cared about my physical and emotional health. I will always be grateful for all her empathy, solidarity and support."

Selena Cazares - 8/23/2020

"Maria is very knowledgeable. In our first visit, she came prepared with lot of information on breastfeeding, baby related information, nutrition etc. I was very impressed by her knowledge and experience.

She helped us as postpartum doula for 2 weeks after the baby was born. I needed her help the second day after baby was born and she came to the hospital directly as I needed her help urgently. Maria is very proactive and identifies herself how to help the baby and the family. She is a nice human being and very professional as well. 

I will definitely recommend her to other families. I was very happy with her."

Ajeta - 8/21/2020

"I can't say enough good things about  the support we received from Maria. She was extremely responsive and flexible with our schedule. Her expertise in breastfeeding and newborns was invaluable over the first few weeks as new parents. She helped us a ton during the first few weeks with our baby and helped make it a great experience for us. I would highly recommend Maria."

Lauren - 3/2/2020

"Maria was an absolute gem in working with our 36 week twins. Her professionalism throughout the pregnancy and post partum was above and beyond. Her nursing background was important to me as I am in healthcare myself, I wanted someone with experience. Maria has a way to be patient and empathetic in what feels a crazy situation- her presence is calming. She was flexible with what worked for our family. She was comfortable with working with tiny babies, and her passion for infants was inspiring. She knew how to change, swaddle, feed, burp, put to sleep, etc etc as if the baby were her own. Both of our boys cherished her and if I have another baby, I would have her back with us in a heartbeat. I can not recommend her enough."

Daman - 11/22/2019

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