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How can I help you as a Postpartum Doula?


By serving the mother and her family at home for the first few weeks after birth. As a Doula, in addition to company, I collaborate in the care of the newborn and in the adaptation of the siblings, the preparation of food and the organization of the home. I also offer evidence-based information about how to feed the newborn, emotional and physical recovery of labor and other issues related to the postpartum period. If needed, I can reference healthcare providers.


Emotional support


  • Accompany the mother to channel emotions and feelings to avoid postpartum depression.

  • Solve doubts and give confidence in the management of the newborn.

  • Help the couple to be an active element in the process.

  • Assist during the process of breastfeeding.

  • Support and help finding answers to the challenges of the first few days (if the baby is very demanding, does not sleep at night, wants to be held all the time, how to I know if he or she has eaten enough etc.)


Educational support


  • Comprehensive information, tips, tricks on newborn care.

  • Extensive experience and knowledge about the breastfeeding process.

  • How do you prepare a bottle? And what is the best position to give the baby a bottle? What is the best formula milk? Should the bottle be sterilized after the feeding?

  • Techniques of infant massage. Why is physical contact so important to babies?

  • In case there are siblings, tricks and tips for a good reception.

  • Why is a good rest and good diet in the postpartum for the mom so important?

  • In case of customer needs that are beyond the doula training area, recommendations will be made by professionals in the area. From a pediatrician, a midwife, a lactation consultant, support groups for first-time parents, support groups for single-parent parents, etc ...


Logistic support


  • Cook some basic food for the family.

  • Prepare snacks for the mom while she is  breastfeeding the baby.

  • Keep the kitchen clean.

  • Tricks for the organization of the house.

  • Attend the siblings while the mom is breastfeeding the baby.

  • Find rest spaces attending the newborn and brothers while the mom rests.

  • Wash and store baby clothes and siblings.

  • Organize the nursery keeping it clean and tidy (refuel diapers, wipes and baby clothes).


These are the services that I offer:


  • 2h Prepartum session ($60/h)

    • Postpartum care plan for the first days at home + Basic concepts of breastfeeding

  • 4h Day Shifts ($55/h)​

  • Initial package ($1,300 / 26h)

    • Prepartum session (2h) + 2 weeks x 3 days/week (4h/shift)

  • Classic care package ($2,100 / 42h)

    • Prepartum session (2h) + 2 weeks x 3 days/week (4h/shift) + 2 weeks x 2 days/week (4h/shift)

  • Hospital postpartum support ($60/h)

    • Cesarean sections, premature births, obstetric pathology, single-parent families, ...​

  • Hospital support for families with ​premature babies or babies with special needs ($60/h)

  • Help families with special-need children in their home ($60/h)

  • Help families with premature babies and multiples ($60/h) in their homes

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